Newstalgic Nagano MAP

For strolling in Nagano city, “Newstalgic Nagano MAP” will be a best MAP.

When the big earthquake happened in 2011 in Tohoku, Japan, some people who were living in a big cities like Tokyo found that communities were really important and moving to smaller cities to starts small business. Nagano has both nature and city sides and only 90 min away from Tokyo. So now Nagano city has been in the news about vacant house renovation system lately.

This map specializes in old houses renovated into gift shops, cafes, books stores, galleries and so on.
78 spots are introduced and all of them are walkable distance.

You can check the map at 1166 backpackers.

The boarded up doors and blocked windows are opened, the boards covering solid wood and earthen walls are removed, the building are restored to their original state.
These diamonds in the rough, which have had new life breathed into them, the dust wiped away, and are now polished to a sheen, have new floores laid and plaster applied to allow these gems to truly shine.
A new future unfurls for these hidden treasures.
These timeworn, precious buildings are filled with timeworn precious memories.
This flow of time as carved out by these aged gems is slow and comfortable.
This city is full of building standing dormant.
When they wake from their slumber, that’s when a new future begins.