How to get to SNOW MONKEY?

We have bus time table and great info for the reasonable tickets. Contact us info@1166bp.com directly.

When the reservation is being accepted?

We accept bookings 3 month in advance. We will accept bookings for March from January 1st.

What’s cancel policy?




If the whole amount will be over 10000yen, We have another policy so please contact us directly.

Can I leave luggage BEFORE check-in?

You can leave your luggage after 8am. Please advise us your estimated arrival time of our place then we can reach you on time. It takes about 20min from JR Nagano sta to 1166 backpackers.

Can I leave luggage AFTER check out?

Yes, for sure. Please let us know when you check out.

Can I check in late night?

We are located middle of old town. Please check in before 21:00 to prevent neighbors and other guests from being awake middle of night. Once you check in you can get a entrance code so that you can come in and out anytime. Please be careful for the noise though.

Can I check out early morning?

If you would like to check out before 7:30, you need a pass code of the entrance. Ask us when you check in.

Do you have curfew?

No curfew after check in. The passcode should be told you when you check in.

Are there any onsen around you?

URUOI KAN is about 15min from 1166 backpackers. They are opening from 6am to 23pm ( 9am to 10am is closing). Their outside bath/ROTEN BURO is peaceful. If you have tattoo, there are 2 options. You can reserve private bath  there. We’ll help you for it. The other option is public bath named Kamenoyu which is just 3min from 1166 backpackers. It’s tatoo-friendly bath.