3 options to get to monkey park.
– OPTION 1 / with JR pass / by SHINKANSEN & bus
– OPTION 2 / easy / by direct bus
– OPTION 3 / OBUSE on same day / by train
We’ll explain further info on arrival.
Further info, visit here.


Summer season for hiking, winter season for skiing and snowshoeing. Beautiful cedar Trees, 5 remarkable shrines, ninja village (winter closed), soba noodle. Catch a bus from ZENKOJI DAIMON which is 5mins from 1166bp and It takes about one hour to get there. The bus leaves almost every one hour.


It’s bit far from Nagano city but it’s worth visiting for sure. Direct bus will take you to the middle of Kamikochi. Further info, check the time table or ask us directly.


Famous ski area and onsen. Travel from JR Nagano sta to JR Iiyama sta by shinkansen (11min ) and catch a bus to Nozawa onsen village (25min).
The bus schedule is here.


Situated in the breathtakingly beautiful Northern Japan Alps, Hakuba stands out as one of Japan’s top winter resort areas, offering some of the best winter sports action in Japan. Direct buses are running from JR Nagano sta to Hakuba and takes about 90min.


Catch a NAGADEN TRAIN ( not JR ) for 30min. The small town is world-famous for HOKUSAI museum, chestnut pastry and flower garden. Good onsen, remarkable library, a sake brewery are also in the small town. Be careful that many shops are closing by early evening. Good for exploring in day time. Rental bicycle are available at Obuse station except in winter season.


Travel by JR and takes about 1h. MATSUMOTO CASTLE is one of the most famous spot in Japan. Volunteer guides can explain and conduct tours from middle of April until about the end of October. The city is also well known for traditional crafts, such as wood crafts, lacquerware, fabric, and temari handballs.


One of the most important and popular temples in Japan. Okaidan Meguri or the “Tour in the Pitch Dark Tunnel” lies under the altar of the temple. This underground corridor runs beneath the main altar where the principal image is enshrined. It’s just 5min from 1166 backpackers. Guided Tour is available.


Nagano has the second most number of ONSEN in Japan.

Q. Feel embarrassed about being naked?
No matter what your size or shape, life is too short to be ashamed of your body. Once you’re in the water there’s very little to see anyway. You’ll only be seen by other members of the same sex. “When in Rome, do like the Romans do.” There’s nothing to be worried about!

Q.Are tattoos allowed?
As tattoos are uncommon in Japan and tattoos often indicate yakuza or gangster. So, usually the answer is “NO”. But some of the onsens have private bath and some are tattoo-friendly! Just ask us.

Q Where is nearest ONSEN?
It’s called URUOIKAN that have outside bath with mountain scenery. Family – private bath is also avlilable with additional fee. URUOIKAN is just 1km from 1166backpackers and opening from 6am to 11pm ( 9am to 10am closed).


The sake brewery called Nishinomon yoshinoya is just 5mins from 1166 backpackers. Their flavours are rich and varied, and tastings are available free of charge. 9am to 5pm.


Just 1min from 1166 backpackers. Bouldering like a Ninja crawling the stone wall, throwing stars available. Many kinds of star weapons are on sale. It’s branch store of NINJA PARK in TOGAKUSHI. So if you are big fun of Ninja, don’t forget to visit in Togakushi!


Nagano City Arts Center will newly open in May 2016.
Nagano Prefectural Art museum is just back side of Zenkoji temple.
Kitano Cultural center is just 5mins from 1166 backpackers.
Galleria Omotesando is just 5mins from 1166 backpackers.


In this 5 to 6 years, many young Japanese were coming back to this area for opening small business as book shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries etc. The number should be over 60. Most of those shops used be vacant old warehouses and were renovated for a new shops.


– SOBA or buckwheat noodle
– SHINSHU beef
– SHINSHU salmon
– OUGON or GOLDEN chicken
– Pickled Nozawana Vegetable
– Grasshoppers cooked in soy sauce
… and more!!