Hub hostel for strolling peaceful town and mountaineering

1166 backpackers is a place to sleep, meet local people in Nagano, Japan. We have 3 rooms waiting for you to sleep in. Our lounge is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy with playing games or reading books. We are located in the MONZEN neighborhood in the old city center where is few steps away from the Zenkoji temple.

Travel as escaping the hustle and bustle of urban city to Zenkoji temple, you will see old traditional houses here and there. To be amazed, over 50 small business like cafes, restaurants, book shops, flower shops, galleries and craft shops are newly opened by young people in this 5 years with renovating old warehouses in this area. These shops are not for busy tourists hopping around major touristic spots with lonely planet but for tourists who need time for chill-out.


Owner of the hostel. born in Hyogo pref. and spent 4 years in Kyoto as a uni student, 2 years in Canadian rockies as a tour guide, a year in Australia as an editor and 4 years in Kamikochi as a hotel receptionist. Also traveled in Europe, some cities in Asia and States. We’re waiting for you with all the information you need.


Was born in Iwaki city, Fukushima and started to live in Nagano on July, 2020. When I was a student, I’ve stayed at Lancaster (United States) and Winnipeg (Canada) as homestay programs. also stayed at Ahmadabad (India) as my former job. I’m interested in exploring around towns, with taking pictures or drinking. Wanna enjoy life in Nagano with you.


Born in Fukuoka, and raised in Nagano City. After finishing my working holiday from Australia, I came back to Nagano city.
I enjoy listening to music and make it. also sometimes I do live performances on the street.


Born in Ichinoseki City, Iwate. I moved to Nagano in May 2021 to feel the excitement of new things. I like watching baseball games, exercising, ironing, and jigsaw puzzle. Reading in a quiet sunny place as well. Interested in food, alcohol, and photography, and I’m slowly starting to take on challenges.