FAQ / Alpine route

Q. We are doing the Alpine route and plan to stay with you the evening before, get the Nagano –  Ogizawa express bus then forward our luggage from Ogizawa before we start the route. Is this possible or can we only forward our luggage from Shinano-Omachi station? In that case, it’s better to send your… Continue reading FAQ / Alpine route

Hanabi / fireworks festival on 23rd Sep 2019

Local fireworks festival in Shin-suwa which is about 1km away from 1166backpackers. You may not get detail information about this fireworks since it’s for locals and by locals. Why don’t you stay on 23rd Sep and check the unique event?

23rd NOV. Ebisuko Fireworks

The Nagano Ebisuko Fireworks is one of the most beautiful late autumn fireworks festival. Why don’t you visit Nagano!! http://www.nagano-cci.or.jp/ebisukou/english.html


Nagano Prefecture is located basically in the center of Japan and is surrounded on all four sides by 3000-meter tall mountains, earning it the nickname of the “Roof of Japan”. What are you gonna do in NAGANO? We have lots of option for you! GO! NAGANO!


Nagano is not as popular as other famous tourist destinations like Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima, etc. But our little town has a lot of beautiful temples, friendly owners running a small business, new wave of renovation and great nature for sure. Visit us ! The city map already printed out is waiting for you. If you… Continue reading NAGANO CITY MAP


SNOW MONKEY PARK in SUMMER You may say SNOW MONKEY PARK is worth going in snow. There is some truth in what you say. In summer, most monkeys don’t jump into the hot pool, same as human. But I promise it’s worth going in summer too if you love those babies! They are jumping around… Continue reading SNOWMONKEY in SUMMER


Now we’re living in 21st century so WE NEED WIFI!! Get the card at tourist info in JR Nagano sta. Of course, we have high speed wifi in 1166backpackers!


It’s bit far from Nagano city but it’s worth visiting for sure. Direct bus will take you to the middle of Kamikochi. Further info, check the time table or ask us directly.


Spring, a season for baby monkeys has come. World famous monkeys in Jigokudani will be the highlight of your journey. These web site will help you. snowmonkeyresorts 1166 backpackers SNOW MONKEY PARK or just send us an email . Tweet